ExpressVPN Review

If you are looking for a new virtual private network provider, or have never used a VPN before, then ExpressVPN is a great choice. It is one of the most popular providers on the market today. If you are looking for the best VPN for streaming, or only plan to use it for daily web browsing, then our team highly recommends you give ExpressVPN a try.

expressvpn review

Our team has spent hours reviewing and testing the features provided by ExpressVPN so we are able to give our readers a complete review. Look no further, you will have the ultimate resource to understand if Express is the right virtual private network provider for you. Read through our complete ExpressVPN review for the answers to all of your questions.

Quick Facts About ExpressVPN

Below are the quick answers to the most common questions about ExpressVPN.

Can I Stream?
Yes! Based on our extensive tests, we were able to stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ESPN, BBC, and more from all over the world.

How Is The Connection Speed?
The connection speed is one of the fastest on the market! We were impressed with how quickly we were able to stream, torrent, and protect our data at the same time.

How Are The Security Features?
The setup process is quick and the encryption and security features are top-notch!

Can I Use It In Any Country?
Yes. From our tests, ExpressVPN was able to utilize its geoblocking features to freely navigate the web in every country we tested.

ExpressVPN is known for its connection speed and its geoblocking technology but our team found that they have many other features worth noting. In our review, we will dive deeper into the background of the Express team, and point out the best features that they offer.

Who Is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service provider that was created in 2009 by the Express VPN International Ltd group. They are based out of the British Virgin Islands and provide their users with a complete privacy and encryption tool to help them protect their personal data. Express currently offers its services for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, specific network routers, and are more extensions.

The ExpressVPN team has won a variety of awards over the years for their services. They have been awarded the “editors choice” award by TechRadar as well as other editorial websites. They have a proven track record of success and continue to improve their services to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

ExpressVPN Connection Speeds

When you are looking for a new VPN then overall connection speed is probably the first feature you will analyze. A slow connection speed will hinder everything that you do which makes it difficult to get the most out of your service provider. When our team reviewed the connection speed provided by ExpressVPN we tested the speed across a wide variety of different locations to get a true sense of the average speed.

This means that we used the geolocation technology to change our IP address location in order to see if the connection speed would change based on where we were using it. We were pleased to find that throughout our tests we never had any issues with connection speed.

reviewing expressvpn connection speed

Before we began using ExpressVPN we were averaging a connection speed of 82 Mbps. We used this base speed to compare it to our connection speed when we utilized the VPN. We were happy to find that we saw an average speed loss of only 6%. We tested the speed difference when using it from countries all across the globe and the 6% difference was the average. This means no matter if you are using it from Canada or China, your connection speed shouldn’t be slowed down by much or at all.

Streaming on ExpressVPN

Streaming is one of the most popular features that users use VPNs for and it also happens to be the feature that our team has the most experience with. When it comes to streaming it is vital to have a high-quality connection speed but also to make sure that your VPN has geoblocking features so you are able to stream from nearly any country.

After our review, we were able to determine that streaming on ExpressVPN works quite smoothly and rarely has any issues. We were able to successfully stream from a variety of different countries such as Canada, England, Germany, France, Argentina, India, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, and China.

ExpressVPN utilize their in-depth geoblocking features to bypass any protection technology that the streaming services have. This makes it easy to stream from your home country while still being able to access content from other countries such as the United States.

Privacy and Security Features

When our team reviews the privacy and security features of a VPN provider we will take a complete look at what features they have in place. Some of the most common security features we look for are encryption technology, IP leak prevention, and other security protocols that are common for VPNs.

When it comes to encryption strength, ExpressVPN has a 256-bit AES encryption protocol which is the highest level of protocol available for VPNs at the moment. This means it will be nearly impossible to gain access because of the wide variety of encryption possibilities. When it comes to data transfer, ExpressVPN utilizes a SHA-512 HMAC system that is known for its high levels of security. This makes peer two peer data sharing easy and safe. ExpressVPN also offers users with an easy to use kill switch to offer them further protection.

ExpressVPN Review Final Thoughts

ExpressVPN is one of the most well known virtual private networks in the world. It was a joy for our team to use and review their VPN. We believe this is a great option for those who are new to VPNs as well as those with years of experience. We highly recommend you give ExpressVPN a try! For more VPN related articles you can read our blog articles.

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