how to cancel nordvpn

NordVPN is one of our favorite virtual private network providers on the market. And other than their great features, we also absolutely love how much they care about their customers. They understand that using a VPN isn’t for everyone so that is why they make it so easy to cancel their services and get a full refund. This is why our team has created a complete guide that will teach you exactly how to cancel NordVPN.

how to cancel nordvpn

Our team has recently written a complete NordVPN review and we absolutely love their VPN. We think they are one of the best VPN on the market but we understand that our readers might be interested in canceling for a variety of reasons. You may not think you really need a VPN, you may think it is too expensive, or other reasons. Thankfully, the team at NordVPN offer their users with an easy way to cancel the service.

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How To Cancel NordVPN – Quick Guide

  1. Sign into your NordVPN account.
  2. Click over to the “Account Dashboard” section.
  3. Then you will click on the three dots (⋮) section in the upper right corner of your account dashboard.
  4. Select the “Cancel Automatic Payments” option.
  5. Move through with the easy cancellation process.
  6. You have now canceled your NordVPN account!

Note – To receive a refund for your service, you must reach out via live chat or customer service email and request a refund.

Cancel NordVPN Step-By-Step Guide

Many software companies make it difficult to cancel your account in hopes that you won’t cancel. However, NordVPN makes it incredibly easy to cancel your account. Below is the complete guide to cancel NordVPN.

Step 1 - Sign into your NordVPN account

The first thing you must do to cancel your account is to login into your NordVPN account that you would like to cancel. Then go to the “Account Dashboard” section.

Step 2 - Click Cancel Automatic Payments

After you are logged in and in your “Account Dashboard” section, you can click the three dots (⋮) under the “My Services” section. This will bring up the option to click “Cancel Automatic Payments”.

After you click “Cancel Automatic Payments” you will have to confirm that you would like to cancel.

Step 3 - Confirm Your Cancellation

Once you have canceled your automatic payments, it is important to go back to your account settings to make sure that your changes have been confirmed.

Step 4 - Request Your Refund

Once you have canceled your automatic payments your credit card wont be charged in the future. This means you won’t be paying for NordVPN moving forward. But in order to get a refund from your past payment you must request a refund from the Nord team.

The best way to request a refund from NordVPN is by using their live chat or by emailing their support team. All you have to do is communicate with them that you would like to receive a refund from your past payment. Their support team may ask why you canceled your service, but overall the refund is easy to receive.

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