IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish is one of the most well known virtual private network providers who are know from fast connection speeds and high-quality security features. Our team has absolutely loved using IPVanish but we decided to provide our readers with a complete IPVanish review by testing all of its VPN features compared to competitors.

Our team has spent multiple weeks testing IPVanish VPN to see how their connection speed, security features, streaming services, unblocking features, and other features compare to similarly priced competitors. Read our entire guide to see if IPVanish is the best VPN for your needs.

reviewing IPVanish VPN

Streaming With IPVanish VPN

One of the most popular features that individuals look for in a virtual private network is finding a VPN for streaming services. Our team tested IPVanish to see how well it was able to get past geo location restriction in order to stream services from different countries. We were able to easily connect to a variety of different servers within the United States and connect to multiple different popular streaming services. Our team was able to connect to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ESPN, HBO, DAZN, Youtube, and other services.

Similar to our NordVPN review and ExpressVPN review we also attempted to stream local television stations. We had mixed results with local stations as we were able to stream local Fox News on multiple different servers but we struggled to stream ABC News on nearly half of the servers that we tested.

We were happy with our streaming results from IPVanish but if you are looking to stream specific local television channels then it might be a good idea to look at a different provider.

IPVanish Connection Speed

If you are looking to stream on your VPN or use it for other online activities then connection speed can be considered one of the most important things to look at. Your connection speed will dictate how fast and efficiently you can perform all of your online activities. This is why we are always looking for a virtual private network with the fastest connection speed possible.

Our team analyzed the connection speed of IPVanish to make sure that they have adequate speed for streaming and other online activities. From our findings we were able to dictate that IPVanish providers higher than average connection speed. The overall connection speed will depend on your wifi speed as it will use this to help perform every online action. Typically, your VPN connection speed will be slightly lower than your average wifi speed.

Our team has found that IPVanish has an above than average connection speed as it only lowered our overall wifi speed by a small percentage. Other VPN’s on the market will slow your connection speed down even more than this.

IPVanish Security Features

If you are using a VPN then you most likely value your privacy and security. In recent years, IPVanish has placed an increased importance on the security and privacy of their users. Below is an image of their updated privacy policy.

ipvanish privacy policy

IPVanish will never log any of your private information or the activity you do on their virtual private network. However, this wasn’t always the case. In 2016, IPVanish got caught in a data-logging scandal in which they provided user data to help an investigation. 

It is worth noting that IPVanish is based out of the United States so they can be forced to turn over records that they may have on an individual by the government, which isn’t ideal for some users.

IPVanish has gotten better with their security and privacy features but if you are looking for an ultimate privacy experience then it might make more sense to take a look at NordVPN or other competitors.

IPVanish Platform Compatibility

IPVanish has developed a great compatibility system through nearly every major device and platform. And what we love is that their service works flawlessly on every device and platform that we have tested. The below image shows what devices IPVanish works on.

We love that with a standard IPVanish account your are able to connect up to 10 devices which is far superior than many other competitors. If you have multiple devices that you would like to connect to your VPN then IPVanish is a great option.

IPVanish Review Final Thoughts

IPVanish VPN is one of the most all around VPN providers on the market. They are great for streaming because of their solid connection speed but also provide the security features needed to keep your data safe. Our team was very impressed with IPVanish. We highly recommend you take a look at their website to learn more about them.

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