nordvpn review

NordVPN Review

nordvpn review

If you have been around the VPN industry for any amount of time, then you have probably heard of NordVPN. They are one of the most well known virtual private network providers in the world. They are known by many as the best VPN on the market because of their blazing fast connection speeds but also because of how well they protect your privacy. Our team ran every test possible to come up with a complete NordVPN review so you will understand if they are the right provider for your needs.

Our team will evaluate Nords connection speed, pricing structure, encryption technology, if they are a good VPN for streaming, what features they lack, and more.

We believe they are one of the best VPN providers on the market and have been impressed with everything they offer. We believe Nord is a great option for beginners who have little VPN experience as well as tech corporations who are looking to protect their data.

Quick Facts About NordVPN

Connection Speed – NordVPN has a superior connection compared to most providers on the market.

Privacy & Security – Nord uses high-level encryption and security measures to keep your personal data safe.

Number of Servers – NordVPN currently has over 5300 servers around the world.

Streaming – NordVPN has excellent geoblocking features that make streaming easy.

Our team has spent countless hours testing and reviewing different VPNs on the market to help our readers understand which they should pick. It is important to take a look at every feature of a virtual private network to make sure that everything is in order. Below is our complete NordVPN review to help our readers have a better understanding of the company and its services.

Who Is NordVPN?

NordVPN was released in 2012 by the Tefincom & CO team as an easy to use virtual private network. It currently has VPN applications that are available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android TV, and mobile applications for Android and IOS. Nord is also available via manual setup for select network routers, NAS devices, and other select platforms.

NordVPN and the Tefincom team are based out of Panama which is a great location from a security standpoint. The country of Panama has no mandatory data retention legislation which means they don’t have any legal requirements to save or give up data on their customers. This separates them from other VPN providers who are required to track data about their customers or give data to governmental agencies.

NordVPN was originally released with only a desktop application but has since evolved into providing its users with mobile applications as well as browser extensions. These added applications make it easier for their users to use their privacy software. With over 5,300 servers, NordVPN is growing at a rapid rate and can be considered one of the largest providers on the market today.

NordVPN Connection Speeds

NordVPN is known for its connection speeds all around the world. They have created a feature called “Quick Connect” which makes it easy for anyone to get started using their software. The feature will figure out which server will provide you with the fastest speeds based on where you are located. Even a beginner who has no experience with VPNs can easily get NordVPN set up and connected to a lightning-fast server. If you are looking to pick a specific location to access content that isn’t restricted in that location then you must manually pick your desired location.

Our team utilized the “Quick Connect” feature to connect with the fastest server in our area and we were amazed at how fast our average connection speed was! We averaged a VPN-connection speed of 88.93 Mbps. This is one of the fastest connection speeds we have experienced from our tests of other providers. Our team even evaluated the connection speeds over a wide variety of different server locations and the high-speed connection remained consistent. We were thoroughly impressed by the connection speed provided by NordVPN and we highly recommend their service.

Streaming With NordVPN

Streaming is one of the most sought after features that a VPN can provide to its users. Many streaming services such as Netflix utilize geo-blocking technology to try to limit streamers from different countries. But thankfully, NordVPN provides an excellent streaming experience. NordVPN has developed its “SmartPlay” feature that is designed to get passed the geo-blocking technology of streaming services so that its users can easily stream their favorite movies and shows. Our team put this service to the test to make sure that all of our readers would be able to stream U.S Netflix no matter where they live, while still maintaining privacy.

streaming netflix on nordvpn

We started by trying to access the U.S Netflix library from the following countries: Canada, England, Netherlands, China, Brazil, India, Germany, and France. And in every single country we were able to easily access the U.S Netflix library with ultra HD video quality! We were very impressed with NordVPN’s ability to stream from any country we tried and still provide ultra HD quality!

Along with testing Netflix, we were able to stream ultra HD video from streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, ESPN, BBC, HBO, Showtime, and Disney. We didn’t have any problems streaming out favorite shows all around the country so we highly recommend Nord for those who are looking for high-quality streaming.

If you are interested in a VPN for using social media, then NordVPN is a great option as our team was also able to easily access Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and more!

Security & Privacy Review

For many people around the world, the whole reason they look for a VPN is to protect their personal data and provide their online activity with some privacy. So it’s not a shocker to learn that security and privacy are what NordVPN is known for. The NordVPN team has made it clear that providing security and privacy to its users is an important feature for them. Our team has evaluated their security technology like their encryption grade, their online kill switch, as well as their leak prevention system.

They utilize a robust 256-bit encryption system to protect their user’s data. The 256-bit encryption system is the highest level of encryption that is currently available. Along with the most powerful encryption system on the market, NordVPN also uses an additional 2048-bit DH key, forward secrecy system, and SHA2-384 authentication to protect its users. This level of security is miles ahead of other VPN providers on the market and really sets NordVPN apart for the rest.

There is also an easy to use kill switch that makes it easy to protect your profile if you are somehow compromised. This allows you to quickly block your data from potential breaches. This feature is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Final Review of NordVPN

After hours of research and testing, our team was able to come to the conclusion that NordVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market! We believe that their blazing fast connection speeds, superior privacy features, and overall usability makes them the best option for beginners as well as seasoned vets. We recommend that you give them a try if you are interested in virtual private networks!

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